New Practitioner, Supervisor/Mentor Program
This service is open to those in their first two years of practice. The program is designed to provide practical information for treating patients, supportive guidance for the practitioner and expert advise on practicing Chinese medicine.
Supervision programs are offered in three month segments. Weekly meetings are 30 minute, bi-monthly meetings are 1 hour via video, designed to support the specific needs of the practitioner.
Fees: Three month program $500

Client Consultations
Chinese Medicine consultations are offered either in person in Oakland, CA (or video). Client consultations offer a full spectrum of medicinal remedies including Chinese herbal medicine, Five Element diagnosis, Nutritional therapies, Essential oils, Flower essences, Chinese astrology and lifestyle suggestions for getting and staying vital throughout life. Client consultations are 1.5 hour sessions.
Fees: $175

Practitioner Consultations
Practitioner consultations help practitioners in their daily practice. This service is valuable for those who need assistance in diagnosis and formula selection, or those who need confirmation of their diagnosis and treatment plan. Practitioner consultations are often used for discussion of difficult cases or when patients are not responding to current therapies. Practitioner consultations are done by telephone or video in 1 or 1.5 hour sessions.
Fees: Hour $125    Half-hour $75

Tutorials are designed to address the particular needs of a health practitioner. This approach is especially useful for those who want individual support with their Chinese medicine education or want to learn a specific topic. Individual tutorials allow for the greatest flexibility in scheduling and curriculum. A tutorial curriculum can be designed to focus on the practitioner's specialty.
Fees: Calculated on an individual bases according to the needs of the practitioner.

To schedule a consultation or tutorial contact Anastacia at or 510.420.0904
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