Chinese Medicinal Herb Garden Tour

Join Anastacia White in her eleventh year of tours in one of the most extensive Chinese herbal medicine gardens in the United States.

The Chinese Medicinal Herb Garden, a gift from the People's Republic of China to the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens was designed and planted in 1986. Over one hundred herbs arranged in the therapeutic categories, a living Chinese Materia Medica.

The herb walks are open to those who have an interest in medicinal plants and observing the Five Phases of the natural world. It is a wonderful opportunity for health practitioners to deepen their connection with herbal medicine in a rich sensory experience.

This promises to be an afternoon of awesome natural wonders! The herb garden tours are offered on selected Sundays in each one of the seasons. See Schedule page for current dates.

The California Acupuncture Board has approved the Herb Garden Tour for 5 CEUs. Acupuncturists may take the same CE class for credit as long as it is in the second year of two year period. That is, they can take the class in the first year, then again in their second year of their renewal period.

View a Map of the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden