Seminar Curricula

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Balancing Hormones
The Five Phases of Feminine LifeThis seminar covers hormonal imbalances of women from menarche through menopause. Learn how to understand feminine life in a paradigm of five phases and how these phases correspond to the Five Elements and Five Spirits. A presentation of endocrine system physiology and how hormones become disrupted causing disharmony with Jing, Shen and the Zhang Fu. The Chinese medicine pathologies of amenorrhea, menorrhagia, PMS, dysmenorrhea, PCOD and menopause. Chinese herbal formulas, essential oils and flower essences for treatment of soma and Shen.

Credits: 10 CEU

Chinese Medicinal Herb Garden
Wood Phase & HunANASTACIA WHITE has offered these tours for the past thirteen years, she brings her personal enthusiasm for Chinese medicine and the natural world to these unique CEU classes. Each tour has its own theme according to the season. The exchange of ideas can be an array of topics pertaining to medicine including; herbal medicine, Chinese medical theory, astrology, classic Chinese medicine, current trends in medicine, the Five Elements and Spirits. The tours are not limited to the herb gardens, you will experience much of the Botanical gardens flora from around the world. These tours promise to further your knowledge of Chinese medicine and inspire your appreciation for the earth!

Credits: 5 CEUs

Consultations and Tutorials
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Enhancing Fertility with Chinese Herbal Medicine This comprehensive tele-seminar educates practitioners on how to diagnosis and treat infertility according to Chinese medicine. The presentation translates reproductive physiology, BBT charts, luteal and follicular phases, male infertility, and diseases that cause infertility into Chinese medicine patterns and treatments. Etiologies in, psychology, lifestyle and diet are also addressed.
Suggested reading: Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine by Jane Lyttleton.
Credits: 12 CEU

Fundamentals of Chinese Herbal MedicineThe Fundamentals of Chinese Herbal Medicine has three segments: Segment one gives an overview of the history of Chinese herbal medicine, nomenclatures of Chinese herbs, growing /harvesting and preparation/processing of Chinese herbs, side effects and interactions. The second segment provides an understanding of the matrix of the Chinese herbal materia medica covering classification and therapeutic categories including two herb monograms from each category. Segment three covers the major patterns of the Zang Fu (the five Yin and coupled Yang organs) including etiology, pathology, acupuncture and herbal formulas for treatment.
Credits: 16 CEU

Physiology, Pathology and HerbologyThis is an in-depth presentation of the physiology, pathology, diagnosis and herbal treatment of women’s diseases according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Disorders presented are dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, breast disease, infertility, vaginitis, and menopausal symptoms. NOTE: According to TCM, accurate diagnosis of non-gynecological disorders in women requires a fundamental understanding of the unique patterns of the reproductive organs. Therefore, this module is recommended for all practitioners, not exclusively for those specializing in Gynecology.

Credits: 12 CA CEU

Harmonize Earth and Yi
Digestive Disorders and Chronic FatigueIn this seminar you will learn key aspects of harmonizing the Earth element and Yi. The TCM differential diagnosis of digestive disorders and chronic fatigue. Oriental diet therapy and lifestyles for improving digestion and strengthening the immune system. Exploring the psychological symptoms that effect the Yi- our ability to digest ideas, thoughts and images transforming them into practical tools for cultivating life goals. Treatment protocols include; diet, herbal formulas, medicinal mushrooms, essential oils and emotional insights to harmonize the Earth element and the Yi spirit.

Credits: 10 CA CEU

Online-Distance Seminars
Balancing Hormones, The Five Spirits, Understanding Medicinal Mushrooms, Fundamentals of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Treating Pain with Chinese Herbs and Enhancing Fertility with Chinese Herbs Each of the online seminars are 7-14 hours (depending on the seminar) of the most recently recorded tele-seminars. The recordings are in MP3 format. The seminars also include notes covering the main topics of the seminars in PDF format. After registering for a online seminar you will receive the recordings and notes via email. When you have completed the seminar you are required to take a test with a pass score of 70% to receive your CEU certificate. To review seminar content see above or below.

Credits: 8-16 CA CEU depending on the seminar

Sponsor a Live Seminar
Arrange for Anastacia to lecture in your areaIf you would like to arrange for a seminar in you local area, please contact me I love meeing new practitioners. Phone: 510.420.0904

The Alchemy of Womens Formulas
Treating Compound Hormonal DisruptionWhere to begin treatment in the cyclical physiology of endocrine system can be difficult to work out with multiple hormonal disruption. When using herbal pills it maybe necessary to use a composite of formulas. Practitioners will get a template for blending pills for more effective treatment protocols.

Credits: 3 CA CEUs

The Botanical Classroom
TCM and Leaky Gut SyndromeThe seminar will begin with a tour of the Chinese herb garden with focus on the herbs that are benifical  in treating LGS. Following we will begin the diadatic section of the seminar presenting five steps to diagnosis and treatment of LGS: 1. Identify the antigens via lab testing (stool and saliva) 2. Eradicate the antigens with herb formulas and supplements 3. Differentiate Zang fu patterns involved 4. Rebuild the gut with herbal formula  5. Treat the wei qi with herbs

Credits: 7 CA CEU

The Five Spirits
The Heart of Chinese MedicineThe Shen, Hun, Yi, Po and Zhi represent five distinct aspects of the human psycho-spiritual experience. Presented as divine forces or deities the material in this seminar offers a personal journey of self discovery informed by these Five Spirits. An overview of the history and shamanic origins of this ideology as well as the Chinese creation story opens the seminar. A look into the Chinese characters of the Spirits gives us a deeper perspective as to their meaning. The seminar presents each one of the Five Spirits as a guide to observing human psycho-physical occurrences that can bind psychic energy and stagnate physical energy. Learning how to keep these energies flowing allows opportunity to transform our lives as we dream them to be. The information being offered directs you through the Taoist alchemical tradition as its correspondences to human psychology and physiology. Lifestyle, diet, herbs, spiritual practices, essential oils and flower essences are recommended for balancing mind, spirit and body. The Five Spirits system offers us a roadmap to transformational healing.

Suggested reading: The Five Spirits by Lorie Eve Dechar.
Credits: 10 CEU

Treating Pain with Chinese Herbs
Muscular/Skeletal, Headache, DigestiveThis three-topic seminar is designed to educate acupuncturists in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory of pain. A fundamental tool of TCM is differential diagnosis. Throughout the seminar emphasizes will be given to understanding differential diagnosis in order to select the most effective herbal formula for the patient. Disease etiology is another important aspect of diagnosis in TCM. Practitioners will be presented an in-depth view of disease etiology with suggestions for prevention and dietary treatment. Participants will leave the seminar with a comprehensive knowledge of Oriental theory and herbal treatment of muscular skeletal pain, headaches and digestive pain.

Credits: 8 CEU

Understanding Medicinal Mushrooms
Chronic Disease and Immune DysfunctionMedicinal Mushrooms have long been documented in the Chinese materia medica. More recently there is research citing the health benefits of medicinal mushrooms on the immune system. Studies continue to document how useful the mushrooms are for managing chronic disorders such as chronic fatigue, diabetes, hepatitis and cancers. This seminar begins by outlining the historical and modern information on the uses and effects of the medicinal mushrooms, followed by a presentation on the major active components of medicinal mushrooms. Attendees learn nine medicinal mushrooms and how they can be used in chronic diseases and to differentiate them according to Chinese therapeutic categories. The seminar concludes with modern cultivation/processing and distributors of mushroom products.
5 weeks.
Credits: 10 CEU

California Acupuncture Board CEU and approved seminars are offered in three different formats:
Tele-Seminars are conducted over the phone via conference call, each class is about 1.5 hours in duration with accompanying notes sent via email. Tele-seminars are catagorized as live-seminars by the boards and you must be present on the phone for each class to receive the CEU's. No test is required.
Online/Distance Seminars are 7-14 hours of recorded lecture in a MP3 format and notes in PDF format. A ten question test that must be completed to receive CEU.
Live Seminars are done in person. Sign-in log and CEU certificates will be give at the end of the seminar.
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