The following are comments collected over the years that Anastacia has offered her courses and seminars:

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Ted Kaptchuk, OMD
Anastacia White is a highly knowledgeable, clinically astute and gifted communicator as well as a deeply concerned person who I have relied on in many capacities through the past years. I have observed Anastacia as a teacher and educator. She is well prepared, rigorous, intellectually honest, clear, engaging and creates a supportive environment. Finally, Anastacia is a wonderful person, full of compassion and kindness that makes people feel taken care of and important. I highly recommend her.

Giovanni Maciocia, L.Ac.
I have known Anastacia for many years and I have always been impressed by her teaching skills in Chinese herbal medicine. She offers a unique combination of lecturing experience, deep knowledge of Chinese medicine, long experience in the use of patent remedies and enthusiasm that make her lectures a great learning experience.

Pamela Milask, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.
Anastacia White is a treasure of knowledge, experience and wisdom. I recently completed her course on TCM gynecology issues, focusing on fertility enhancement. The information and insight I received in her class has lifted me to a much higher level of practice with herbal formulae increasing my effectiveness in treating these concerns. Ana imparts her knowledge concisely, yet completely. I never felt overwhelmed, yet I felt like I was getting both a solid foundation as well as an advanced perspective. I highly recommend her Fertility Enhancement course. Ana is a pure delight as an instructor and a human being. Her classes were ultimately beneficial and wonderful.

Pam Borland, L.Ac. Dipl. Ac.
As a newly practicing acupuncturist, I found Ana's herbal seminars invaluable. There was excellent foundation material that paved the way for her concise, detailed and thorough analysis of patent herbal medicines as they apply to specific medical conditions. She was able to move from Western diseases and conditions to Chinese patterns with such clarity and recommend specific herbal remedies in order of their effectiveness based on her years of experience.

Caryn Goldman L.Ac.
I have the great privilege of knowing Anastacia White for almost 15 years and find her depth of knowledge and thoughtful teaching of herbology and TCM diagnosis a rare gift. I recommend any seminar she is teaching without reservation. She has the insight to bring Chinese Medicine to life by drawing from history, science, experience, mythology and psychology to help her students make stronger bridges between theory and practice.

Ila Jhaveri, L.Ac.
I have had telephone tutoring sessions with Anastacia off and on since the late 90's. Thanks to Anastacia I am now able to make custom made herbal formulas for my patients.  In our tutoring sessions we talk about specific patients so what I learned was relevant to my work, much more applicable than taking a class. Anastacia is very flexible about when we had tutorials. She was willing to work them into her schedule to help me when I needed it. I would recommend Anastacia to anyone who wants to refine his or her knowledge of Chinese Herbal Medicine!

Leo Lok, L.Ac.
I love going to Anastacia's Herb Garden Tour because it is by far the most enjoyable way to earn CEUs. Where else can you go to learn about Chinese herbs in nature accompanied by fresh air and beautiful vista of the Bay? Anastacia's informative tour is simply the best in town!

Nancy Cotter, MD
Anastacia White is able to distill the essentials of TCM herbology, diagnosis and use of Chinese herbal formulae into a cohesive and digestible form that is easily put into practical use by the medical acupuncturist. Without reservation, I recommend her course to any physician wishing to expand/ deepen/ fortify an acupuncture practice with the use of Chinese herbal formulae.

Thomas Archie, MD
As a physician I am used to thinking about diagnosis in organ systems. As an acupuncturist, I think about wellness and its impediments in terms of the mean energetic system and the five-element system. This course allowed me to bring my medical and acupuncture energetic thinking to the table and learned how to blend this with another traditional oriental model, Eight Principles. This knowledge gives me the ability to come up with a prescription for healing which includes the use of Chinese herbal formulae. I highly recommend studying with Anastacia White to expand your horizons. I value the contribution she has made to my thinking about health and healing.

Robert Schulman, MD
This is a wonderful introduction to Chinese Herbal Medicine. Anastacia teaches physicians conversant in acupuncture to begin responsibly incorporating herbal formulae available from western manufacturers. It rounds out the French Energetic approach to acupuncture that one is exposed to at the UCLA course.

David Diehl, MD
Anastacia’s presentation to my UCLA medical students was an extraordinarily clear introduction to the fundamentals of Chinese herbal medicine. The experience was informative, fun and exceptionally well received by the group.

Adrienne Clamp, MD
I highly recommend her telephone Chinese Herbal Medicine Course to anyone wishing to deepen and refine their understanding and use of Chinese Herbal formulae in the care of patients. I have spent time with Anastacia telephonically working on reviewing and consolidating my knowledge about the use of Chinese herbal formulae. I have spent time reviewing clinical cases with her during this time as well. I have found this an extremely valuable time to clarify and refine what I have learned and apply it in the exam room to patient care. Anastacia has helped me to tie together many loose ends of my Chinese Medicine education to begin to "see with the Chinese doctor's eyes."

Jay Horwitz, MD
In a friendly and open way, Anastacia will teach you what you need to know to build Chinese herbal medicine into your practice. Using Chinese herbs has been an extremely effective and rewarding addition to my psychiatric practice. I use Chinese herbs more often then Western psychotropics now. In addition, using TCM principles and concepts enriches my acupuncture practice as well as the psychotherapy I do with my patients. I've continued to consult with Anastacia after the course - it's the closest thing to a clinical internship without leaving your busy office. I'm indebted to her for all she has taught me and continues to teach me.

 Irene A. Cohen MD
Anastacia White's course on the Five Spirits refreshed my memory on this subject both professionally and personally. Her teaching style is wonderfully concise and rich at the same time, distilling difficult material into understandable concepts that are readily accessible. I see this course as a springboard to further study of this often neglected aspect of the Chinese medicine concepts of psyche and spirit.

Annelisa MacBean, M.A.
Anastacia is grounded and straight-forward, and she was able to make complex theories very accessible.  Her classes helped me to successfully integrate the 5 Element principles into my counseling and executive coaching practice. I found the theory particularly applicable in cases of PTSD, addiction and anxiety disorders.