Welcome to East Earth Medicine Wisdom!

As Eastern and Western cultures meet an exciting cross-fertilization is occurring. Some of the most profound manifestations of this exchange are emerging in the areas of healthcare and philosophy.

Pioneering efforts to integrate Oriental medical practices into Western culture are yielding effective hybrid therapies. These new approaches both complement and augment standard protocols in mental, physical and emotional healthcare.

A profound impact of this East-West exchange is manifesting in the arena of personal growth and transformation. The Eastern approach to life is cyclical and process-oriented, while the Western perspective is predominantly linear and goal-oriented. Awareness of cycles and processes creates more meaningful contexts for our lives and spiritual practices.

Anastacia White, founder and CEO of East Earth Medicine Wisdom, offers seminars and consultations to assist in making the fruits of these advances both easily accessible and impactful. Her offerings are open to Medical Practitioners, Helping Professionals and individuals seeking to enrich their personal lives by integrating the tools, techniques and teachings of the East.

Medicine Buddha